***Data and replication materials are available upon request***

Refugee Influxes, Xenophobia, and Domestic Politics: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Turkey (with Tolga Sinmazdemir, and Thomas Zeitzoff). Accepted for publication in Journal of Peace Research.​

Online Appendix and replication materials

Burden Sharing: Income, Inequality, and Willingness to Fight (with Sivan Hirsch-Hoefler and Christopher J. Anderson). Accepted for publication in British Journal of Political Science. 

Appendix and Replication materials.

Who Gets What from IOs? The Case of the International Atomic Energy Agency's Technical Cooperation Assistance. Forthcoming in International Studies Quarterly. Replication materials 

Getmansky, Anna and Tolga Sinmazdemir. 2016. Settling on Violence: Expansion of Israeli Outposts in the West Bank in Response to Terrorism. Forthcoming in ​Studies in Conflict & Terrorism. Replication materials (coming soon) 

(Previous title: Success Breeds Failure: The Effect of Terrorist Attacks on Land Control in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict)

Terrorism and Voting: The Effect of Rocket Threat on Voting in Israeli Elections (with Thomas Zeitzoff). ​American Political Science Review 2014,108(3):588-604. Replication materials 

Blog and media mentions: The Monkey Cage, Vox, Political Violence @ A Glance,  NYT

Tourism and Cross-Border Conflict: An Empirical Analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian Case, Journal of Territorial and Maritime Studies 2014, 1(1):53-78. 

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Fight: The Role of Regime Type in Counterinsurgency Outbreaks and Outcomes, Journal of Conflict Resolution 2013, 57(4):709-734.